Naagin 2 Serial 29th January Written Episode - Naagin 2 Episode 33 Complete video online

Naagin Episode  29th January  Sunday

Here we present the written story of Naagin Season 2 29th January Episode. Lets don’t waste time and follow the story.
Today, at the starting of the episode Shivangi and Rudra got the Seengh from Yamini Singh by disguising as Shesha (Adaa Khan) and Mahesh (Bhensa).  Mahesh got angry on Shivangi and Rudra, so he went to meet Rocky and spent some time with him, and after a couple of sentences they fought with each other and finally Mahesh kidnapped Rocky and took him to the Panchner Haveli Shivangi followed him when he was taking Rocky at Panchner Haveli.
Other Side Naagin Shesha, Avantika, and Yamini Singh got scared because right now they own none. Shesha dreamed about loving Rocky and went to Yamini. Yamini and Avantika decide to use Avantika’s Magical sphere to find the throne (Seengh).  Rudra came to Gurudev to hide the throne in a temple where Gurudev made a strong cover of Seengh to protect it from anyone like Mahesh or Shesha the Naagin.

Shivangi and Mahish had a deal, Mahish will get his throne in the exchange of life of Rocky. Mahish hit Rocky and put him down in front of her in panchner Haveli. Shivangi found rocky with a wound, but she was helpless, so she tore her saree and covers the wound. Shivangi tried harder to awake Rocky.

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the episode was telecasted on Sunday 29th January 2017. If you missed it, then don't worry you can read the story and Watch the episode on Voot App. 

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